Sugegasa wins. Again.

I'm too lazy to blog anything else.


Sugegasa wins.

Best. Squid-usage. Evar.



There will now be an extremely long intermission while Tufi gets the polls up, during which we hope to display more of the entries for this contest. Not that we are bugging her or anything. Oh no.
Makaru's Deep-sea Fanglyfuss:

Roa's Pit Scourge:

Shine's Grunth (love the retarded look):


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

These MOCs sure don't. BZP's latest BBC asks builders to build an aquatic Rahi that might serve in a Barraki's army:
E-T's Kizimaki:

jaller 345's Kalmah's War Squid (yay for radially symmetrical Rahi!):

And my own entry, flying (or should that be swimming?) in the theme's face:


Selling my soul to Bill Gates for ~$5,000,000,000

Picks for today:
Elzaban's devil:

Brad's grasshopper:


Those crazy japanese builders...

At least, I'm assuming this guy is Japanese. I just discovered his gallery, but he has some really neat stuff in there, including this: