Ca'gerrin/Cortana/Aethisyl//Anathame/Ihu/Venomess/Talon_X/Kabal's (I'm sure I forgot some of his various names) frog needs more pictures, but the parts use is excellent, and the prosthetic limb is a touch of mad genius.


I knew a Nuva

Rather than blogging a physically real MOC, the BioniBlog today presents ToM Dracone’s vision of what this year’s Toa Nuva revamps should look like. Here’s Onua Nuva, in a form that would surely be appropriate for mass production. ;D
And here are the rest of his “what-should-have-been’s”.



I refuse to count this as a reblog, since I was aware of this MOC's existence well before TBB picked up on it. I'll count it as a lazyblog instead. :P But TBB did get to it first, FWIW. Anyway, here's Draco Cycanopterus's Draco Cycanopterus.