More than meets the...oh, zark it.

Frequently features builder Kawazu2110 has a sharp little transformer here that has beast and humanoid modes:


Stickin' to yer guns

The latest BBC contest has come to BZPower, and it's brought some spiffy guns with it. In the aesthetics corner, we have Neaku's Spontaneous Portal Generator Type II, inspired by (surprise!) the Portal gun:

GreenBioGuy's G.B.G, melding functionality with a decent color scheme:

Roa McToa's Flintlock Pistol, one of the few entries recognizably based off a real gun:

Ca'gerrin's Drencher 9001, which uses pneumatics for real water squirting action!

CzaR's Glock 9mm features Knight's Kingdom armor on the grip for a uniquely ergonomic solution:

Meteomaniac's "Set Phasers to Stun!" is a faithful rendition of the old-school Star Trek weapons.

I'll be quite surprised if some of these don't make it to the finals. But with nefarious entries such as the Mini Lazer Gun out to steal votes, who knows what will happen?