Not a Waffle

cezov0514 has a lovely new dark blue/orange model, Chuyin. The feet are a little wimpy, but the orange, itsa very nice..



Kopakashau (Darth Vader on BZP) has an excellent fusion MOC based on Lewa Olda. The hands are a bit meh, but other than that it's great. I especially like how he used Nokama's hydro blade for the ax:


The Drought

Now that the BBC entry period is over, the amount of BioniBlog-worthy MOCs seems to have taken a nosedive. Fortunately Czar has a folder full of weapons to arm your Bionicle MOCs with. One of my favorites follows:
I can just imagine some crazy Air Toa running around with that mallet bonking enemies on their heads.



Moer bbc etryes!
First is Seranikai's strangely strange Mr. Shrimp (and his Miniature Ussals):
and also gifboy99's Mata-Nui Canister Crab, resembling a cross between an Ussal and a Fikou:



BCBoy has an insectoid entry for the BBC contest, employing some excellent parts usage:



Brickshelfer tmbj1 has a rather interesting version of Toa Jovan that uses a couple of the things I've been wanting to incorporate into my Bionicle MOCs: Built-in arm gun and nice chunky legs to go with those Pohatu Nuva foot-enhancement pieces. However, he's got some color issues in the form of the iron gray pieces, which could easily be replaced by their black and silver counterparts. In the latest batch of BBC #42 entries, Bundalings has a nice pair of Ussal crabs based on the MNOLG1, with accompanying slugs. I really like the color schemes used on the crabs, and the slugs, despite consiting of only a few pieces each, are reasonably cute:


Acute case of cuteness

BZP's latest BBC (Bionicle Based Creations for those of you not in the know) contest asks members to build the cutest, most adorable MOC possible. So far most of the entries have been in the form of the standard extremely small MOC with ball joints or Barraki eyebulbs for eyes, but a couple entries have really stood out:

Shannara's Wabbit:
TO8's Horatio: (Yeah, it uses ball joints, but they're not just stuck on there with a couple axles)

And finally, my own Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (42..42!!)


Niche-filling time

As anyone reading this blog will have probably noticed, I dumped Legophilia after less than a month of existence. The reason for this is simple: It had absolutely nothing that wasn't already being offered by other blogs. There are already Lego blogs blogging towns, space, vignettes, etc., etc., etc. However, there is one theme which has been traditionally considered the ugly fat child of the Lego community (though slightly less so after whatever it was Breann Sledge did at PDX to convert so many people to acceptance, and even praise, of it), a theme that is rather lacking in blog coverage. It is this theme, which I have harbored an interest in since its inception in 2001, that I shall devote this blog to: Bionicle.
To my fellow CSF junkies: Please feel free to scream now.