The Disembodied Hand That Didn't Strangle People

Rather, it hung limply from a dull chain above a pool of putrefying blood and gore, rotating ever so slowly in tandem with its chiral opposite...Yes, I should write horror novels, but I'd have to give credit for that particular scene to Distorted, whose Surgery is a singularly unique MOC for a number of reasons. Not only is it a good and proper vignette, a thing rarely seen in Technic form, but the tone (aided by the dark photography and color scheme) is rather morbid, such as I've rarely seen in a Lego creation. I think the use of Bionicle (and yes, that MOC is made entirely of Bionicle/Technic parts, no System) makes it even more effective than had it been done in that blockier medium, since it allows for details such as fingers and all the mechanical-looking bits that Bionicle is so good for. Note too the use of the rarely-used Rhotuka launchers in the base. So yeah, props to Distorted for an extremely original MOC. w00t!


Dablackcat has a pretty spiffy submarine-excavator-type thing here. I'm digging the Lehvak faceshields as seaweed, as well as the landscape in general. The scrubber-wheel hands are nice too.Via YSAB, not that they need further traffic after getting featured on Gizmodo. Someday...