O hai. So Zip's Kaftin is rather nice. I like the gun particularly.


Your powers are weak, old man.

Taking a break from mah birthday to bring you this: Monsterbrick has rendered a famous Star Wars scene with Bionicle figures! Recognizable characters are often tricky to pull off at this size, but the use of that Onua Nuva chest armor immediately calls to mind the most famous helmet ever. I also like the way Monsterbrick used Toa Metru torsos to call to mind baggy sleeves on Obi-Wan's robe.



Well, I've got to blog something before the month is over. How about one of my own MOCs, Nuparu's Monowheel:


Pretty Woman

Distorted's "The Lady" has got to be the best feminine Bionicle MOC since Toa-Ju's Playboy bunny. Inverted tires are once again put to good use in a MOC, this time as a tube dress. The use of Kanohi Nuva for the hair is also noteworthy.