And the finalists are...

Well, for those few of you who haven't seen them yet, I'll post the finalists from BZP's latest BBC contest. In addition to Roa McToa's entry (shown previously), there are three rather excellent MOCs in this poll:
What?'s rendition of munkeymunkey, which refuses to show up so I have to link it.

Shine's version of lovable yet lethal eel Swimmy:

And ToM's coelicanthoid:


Would Master prefer the savory stew, or else the Shameless Self-Promotion to which Master is so partial?

Here's my entry for BZP's latest BBC contest:

And here's Roa's entry. Check out that awesome staff!

Stay tuned for some form of coverage of this latest contest!


Is scary.

Mischief Mecha's Empress Demos:
And another one of sugegasa's frexcellent fusion mecha: