A couple of creations for today. First is Rojaz's Clone Trooper bust, based off the pivotal scene from Star Wars Episode III wherein Emperarth Palpamasidious tells his clones to off the Jedi:

Also, TOAOFCOMEDY's miniature Krika build is instantly recognisable, in part due to the use of Kraata for the head and leg spikes:

However, I would suggest using these for the front spikes instead.


BZPower's current building contest requires entrants to build something from a work of science fiction. As the deadline nears, some great entries have come in. First up is Blue Diamond's R2-Q5 astromech droid, which uses stickers and dome pieces quite well:

Kakaru has built a turret from the video game Portal:

I went old-school and did something from a book, or rather a series of books: A Formic Drone, or bugger, from the Ender's Game series:


Pate-Keetongu's Spider-Man creation has a great solution for the head that makes it instantly recognisable: