Primus's Katsumoto is a fine samurai-inspired creation with some creative parts use. Note particularly the use of treads and the unified design aesthetic (read: poky bits) on the arms, shoulder armor, and torso.


Jason Corlett has a pair of steampunkish post-apoc sort of creations, the Wasteland Scavenger and Clockwork Soldier:

There's more at his MOCPages if you're into the story side of things.


Flickrite Pate-keetongu has built a rendition of, well...Keetongu. The colors could use some work in that the secondary one should be all black or all gray, but I like the use of Bohrok headplates. They give this revamp a Juggernauty sort of vibe.


Hi-res pictures of some sets for Hero Factory, Bionicle's new summer replacement line, have surfaced. Bearing oddly human names and overly specialised parts (I thought Lego said this new line was supposed to be more flexible? I really dislike the arm-covering weapons as they will be difficult to use with anything besides these 45-degree arms), the sets still look all right. The leg armor and helmets may find good use for their intended purpose in other creations, as will the feet, which are probably my favorite pieces. Below, the improbably named Jimi Stringer:

See the rest of the sets here.


There are two things I really like about BCii's version of BZP member EmperorWhenua: The head, which uses a Piraka skull interestingly and generally looks cool, and the color scheme. Gold, teal, and white. Definitely a rare, if not entirely novel, combination, and one in which I'd like to see more creations made. Also, check out the teapot. When was the last time you saw one of those attempted in Bionicle form?


Okay, so after the highly in-depth and scientific poll I took, the only things that clearly emerged were that people hate lime green and want to see more MOCs, both of which I happily ignored during the month of December. I could whine ad nauseam about real life and enumerate all the things that have been keeping me busy and stressed over the last few months, but that's not what you're here for and I'd feel like an egotistical prat for loading you with them anyway. So! The reredesign has been done, now to the creations.

Reader BCii submits Blue Diamond's latest creation, Chrome:
In addition to the excellent presentation, the robot itself has a delightfully offbeat, steampunkish vibe to it.