Moar MOCs!

First up is Johnny-Dai's Ironman Silver Centurion:
Also, Breann Sledge's Thraxian Death Blossom uses radial symmetry for a nice addition to the Black Fantasy subtheme:


Chikt chikt chikt

Peguo appears to be new to the Brickshelfing scene, but what he's got is worth checking out.

First, his HI-GOG, whose freakishly extended arms make for a nice departure from the usual.
Also, his R-BULL sports a neat gun. Click through to the gallery for more.


Across the multiverse

Check out kawazu1120's sweet "elltalon". It knits together many diferent colors to make a neat, Optimus-Prime-like robot. I've often noticed that the Japanese style of MOCing is very different from ours, but different is often good.



Neaku's Homarus Mantidae is one of the best Rahi MOCs I've seen in a while.