The Final Frontier...

...A la Bionicle, purrhaps? Well, with Dablackcat's UFO Invader...

...Primus's Steel Falcon...
...and my own (admittedly rather old) Green and Orange....

...Bionicle/Technic building is definitely making inroads into the space scene as of late. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues. Qapla'!


BBCC Winnerview #3: Bundalings

Better late than never is a maxim by which we proudly live here at TBB (Though if we really cared we'd blog about those BBCC54 entries. Maybe later.), and so we are pleased to present an interview with Bundalings, winner of BZPower's 51st Bionicle Based Creations Contest with his Batterfly.
TBB: Congratulations on getting a BBCC win all to yourself for the first time! Anything you'd care to tell us about your winning entry? Perhaps how the building process went, or any obstacles you encountered?

Thank you! And thanks for interviewing me. It makes me feel all special inside. Ah, the MOC. Well, when I heard about the theme, I instantly gravitated to Eisley's music. It's very visual, at least to me. And then I instantly gravitated to their most bizarre and possibly demented song, Marvelous Things. So yeah.
At first I was a bit (read: a heck of a lot) worried about making a bat... with butterfly wings. But then I randomly (but pleasingly) found that tentacles make wonderfully skeletal shapes when looped, and Nuparu Mahri armor makes great ears. The rest just kind of fell together...
Except for the legs. Is it safe to say I still hat them? I do. I really hat them. I spent lots of time on them and they still aren't eye pleasing. Icky.

TBB: How do you start work on any given MOC? Do you usually have a good idea of what you're aiming for, or do you make it up as you go?

That depends. Usually I have a vague idea, like I see a picture and think "oh, that would make a cool MOC," and other times I just sit down and mess with parts. I'm sure it happens with everyone, but more than half the time you end up with something unexpected.

TBB: What genre, if any, of MOCs do you most enjoy building?

I like building a variety, but Rahi are always fun. You can build all sorts of crazy things and just pass it off as a Rahi... with rockets on it's back...
I've been dabbling in Mecha some lately as well.

TBB: For this entry you obviously were inspired by the song Marvelous Things. From what other sources do you derive inspiration whilst building?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Movies, books... but a lot of times I'll see another builder do something crazy and I think, "can I imitate that and get away with it?" Usually the answer is yes, since what I end up with is usually pretty mutilated. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way, but I just keep messing with it until it either: A] Works. B] I get sick of it. C] Another BBC contest starts and I have to pirate the pieces. Arrr.

TBB: Any bunniful advice for your fellow MOCers?

Don't be afraid to be a copy cat in the privacy of your own home. By imitating other people, you can find out how their style works, and so refine your own. But it's probably not a good idea to post the exact same MOC as someone else... without credit... yeah, someone did that to me. I am still really ticked, 'cause they didn't give credit--


Back on topic. If you DO copy someone's design, give credit. Also: If at first you don't succeed, give up dramatically, and someone will probably shove you hard enough to get you back to work.

TBB: Which summer sets are you most excited for?

Mata Nui looks kk, Stronius and Ackar look awesome... and who could hat the rickety Thornatus and hugimongus (but still red ;_;) Skopio? Summer has a pretty good lineup, really, bar the Baranus and Titan Mata Nui. It's hard to just choose a couple.

TBB: Anything else you'd like to say?

Thanks for interviewing me... LONG LIVE LAPRAS.

Words to live by, those.Thanks to Bundalings for his interview, and watch this blog for interviews with the winners of BBCCs 53 and 54, hopefully coming soon. Hopefully.