Chris Edwards has made a spaceship that makes good use of Bionicle pieces in several places. The black and yellorange make for a simple but striking color scheme.


Brickthing has built a really excellent Sweepod:

And Kohaku has made a stark, simplistic vignette of windmills in a post-apocalyptic world, definitely a first for the Bionicle/Technic medium. Regrettably, I cannot find further pictures nor his Flickr account.


Yeah, I've been terrible about blogging recently. Not that I normally post frequently, but there have been some good creations lately that deserve the bloggage. All of these are entries for BZPower's 56th BBC Contest, which asks entrants to build things using the often loathed red axles and blue axlepins prominently.

Also, I've put up a poll for you to give feedback on things you might like to see more of on here. Please vote!

Kakaru's MOCer's Medication uses lots of those inside his pill bottle, but the pills themselves are also worthy of notice. They are easily the best use for Thornax fruit that I have yet seen:

Shannara enters with + and -, a pair of roboty creatures using flex tubing to make rings of pins and axlepins:

Finally, MeWithoutYou has undertaken an ambitious project: Building the island of Metru-Nui out of Bionicle pieces! With the prerequisite pieces only showing up in Ga-Metru and Ta-Metru, it doesn't fit the theme as well as some others, but it's still quite an original creation. Chutes crisscross the different Metru city sections, and pieces like Cordak bullets are used as small towers. The overall shape of the island is done well too: