Princess Matoro?

When I saw Flickrite rogerwaggener's Bionicle princess in this blog's Recent Photos box, I knew I had to spread the lulz as much as possible. For the other two pictures of this delightful cake, click on the photo through to Roger's photostream.
(Yes, it's not a proper MOC, but it beats absolutely everything in Brickshelf's Recent Folders as of yesterday)


2009 Summer Sets

A picture's worth a thousand words, so I'm just going to say: 'Nuff said! On second thought, I'm also going to say that the formatting here is off for some reason, but you can just click through to the full picture.


Kohlii of the future

I like Flickr newcomer KryptonHeidt's Matoran. In his words, "In the future, Kohlii will be a changed sport. The Kohlii field will be extended to the edge of the atmosphere. Players will wear jetpacks with no limit to how they customize them. Kohlii staffs, or sticks, will be replaced by heavier, more blade-like weapons. Kohlii players will wear armor to varying degrees, based on the weather, terrain, opponents, and their own strength. "
The Tahu Nuva shield blades make for rather good sticks here, and it's always nice to see discontinued colors.