Brought to you by a vague feeling that I should be blogging more and at the expense of mangling a Harry Potter paraphrase, the Bioniblog presents Distorted's Train. It's rather cute and chibified and has a "NPU," as the kiddies say, in the form of a Power Functions motor.


BZPower's latest BBC (Bionicle-Based Creations) Contest requires entrants to build one of the site's administrators. Many of the entries (my own included) are fairly banal humanoids, but as with any contest, there are some standouts. You've already seen BCii's rendition of Tufi Piyufi. Here is a version of former admin Ninjo by Shannara:

The use of the wheel technique pioneered by Primus is notable, and the general spiky robotic look is just plain cool.

Puffins are the animal to style your entry after if you're building Tufi Piyufi and don't want to take the humanoid route. Bundalings has done just that, and added a comically oversized weapon for good measure with his majik puffin:


Nice thighs, and the rest of what Internet rumor informs me is Moko's first published Bionicle MOC isn't half bad, either. He's really worked well with the asymmetry of the Gali Mistika mask.