Legoman ha construido un rinoceronte blanco y azul. Nos gustan especialmente los colores y la configuración de la parte superior. Él escribe que "no es difícil de comprender." Estamos de acuerdo.


Dear readers, normally we look much more favorably on cows as a result of a steady diet of Far Side comics and hamburgers when we were children, but this horse by retinence is just too cool to pass up. The only things that could improve it would be a horn and rainbows shooting out its arse.


Motorized Ringo Starr!

U2 in concert!

Lazy sod paying attention to his blog for the first time in months!

...No, wait, you don't get a picture of that. I'm not lazy--well, okay, I am sometimes--but I have a life to be getting on with, too, you know.