Moer bbc etryes!
First is Seranikai's strangely strange Mr. Shrimp (and his Miniature Ussals):
and also gifboy99's Mata-Nui Canister Crab, resembling a cross between an Ussal and a Fikou:


gifboy99 said...

I was doing a search for my user name to see what it would come up with and I found this entry in your blog. :) I just thought I would let you know that I've moved my gallery over to majhost.com when there was talk about brickshelf closing down a while back.

http://www.comoobtenerelcuil.com.ar said...

It took me awhile to realize that its not actually named Saginasty. Haha. We miss you guys! Hal is completely adorable...and getting so big! Thanks for the update! :) Hope you guys find enough warm clothes so you don't freeze, haha.