Bionicle at BrickCon 2007!

BrickCon 2007 was held in Seattle this last weekend, and Bionicle had an excellent showing:

BZP members from all over the country sent in their MOCs for display, and "that chick with all the Bionicles" came down from Alaska with a great deal of MOCage in tow:
The public hours on Saturday and Sunday saw lots of people ogling the MOCs, asking questions, and screaming things like "Those are so COOL!"
Judging took place Saturday evening, and here are the winners: There were four categories: Best Micro Bionicle, Best Small Bionicle, Best Medium Bionicle, and Best Large Bionicle.

And, most especially:



Andrew B. said...

Congrats on the win, Arpy! I was tempted to blog it on Saturday night after I got home, but I figured it might be nicer if you got it through "official" channels. :-)

Ean said...

Hmm, does legosheep's photostream count as an "official" channel? ;)

Anonymous said...

It french lol

TRop bien