Fair Bricks

BrickFair 2009 took place recently, and there having been a peculiar and deplorable lack of good Bionicle MOCs recently, I have decided to throw patience to the winds and post pictures of some of the peculiarly and deplorably unpublished(?) MOCs that made their appearances there.

First up is an unattributed MOC, possibly black fantasy. Note the use of stingrays as ears.

Next, Bundalings's Packbot.

Perhaps most impressive, at least in terms of technical skill, is ToM's Autobot Jazz. Yes, it really transforms.

And because I'm a sucker for small cute MOCs, a model of the beetle Click from the upcoming Bionicle movie.

For more pictures, see here and here. BrickFair 2010 is August 5-8th of next year. Be there or be an oblong rectangularish sort of thing?


Bundalings said...

Oooh! I recognize that Black Fantasy thing! Someone made it for a Black Fantasy contest on Classic-Space a year or so ago. I don't remember the builder, though.

I believe the Click was made by Aanchir or his bro who's name slips my mind.

Jakob said...

That mini click beetle is awsome!!! For some reason the black fantasy at the top reminds me of one of the bad guy in Transformers revenge of the fallen

Anonymous said...

MAN, that Click is infinitely better than the actual set... if it deserves to be called that. LEGO, take note.